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The 43rd BGM held at Guwahati from 20th to 22nd December, 2015 has elelcted the following persons as the office bearers of ITGOA(CHQ) for the next 2 years.
Name Portfolio Region Designation Contact Number
SHRI AJAY GOYAL President Delhi ACIT 09013853783
SHRI AMITAVA DEY Vice- President NER ITO 09401991106
SHRI RAJ SINGH MEEL Vice- President Delhi ACIT 09445955014
SHRI SHAILENDRA LODHA Vice- President Gujarat ITO 09408793200
SHRI BHASKAR BHATTACHARYA Secretary General WB ITO 08902198888
SHRI ARAVIND TRIVEDI Additional Secretary UP(W) ACIT 07599101090
SHRI G. S. RAGHAV Joint Secretary MP & CG ITO 09406718272
SHRI ASHOK MALHOTRA Joint Secretary NWR ITO 09530703933
S. CHANDRAMOULI Joint Secretary TN & P ITO 09445960137
SHRI ATUL AHUJA Asst. Secretary Nagpur ITO 09422812540
SHRI BINU VIMALAN Asst. Secretary Kerala ITO 08547000781
J. KIRUBAKARAN Asst. Secretary TN &P AO 09445954219
SHRI VIJAY BHASKAR Asst. Secretary Bihar & Jharkhand ITO 08989911104
SASHIDHAR SETH Asst. Secretary Karnataka & Goa ITO 08762301669
Com.Ravishankar Asst. Secretary Mumbai ITO 09969233322
P. MADHU Asst. Secretary AP & Telengana ITO 08985970277
SHRI RAGHVENDRA SINGH Treasurer UP(West) ITO 09648372717

Other CHQ Members

SHRI J. B. SINGH Zonal Secretary(Central) MP & CG ACIT 09406717984
SHRI VIJANDER KUMAR Zonal Secretary(North) NWR ITO 09530796307
SHRI K. K. NATH Zonal Secretary(East) ODISHA JCIT 09438917006
SHRI V. M. JAYADEVAN Zonal Secretary(South) KERALA ITO 09438917006
SHRI J. Y. CHAVAN Zonal Secretary(West) PUNE ITO 07588180357
SHRI RITESH KUMAR Auditor UP(E) ITO 08005446104


Draft of amended constitution as approved in the 43rd BGM is uploaded for information. All are requested to go through the same and to state whether all the decisions are incorporated correctly or not. The comments in this regard may please be sent within 18th. of March, 2016 so as to enable us to submit the same to the DOPT for necessary approval.

Bhaskar Bhattacharya
(Secretary General)


We began our journey in November 1933 from the historic city of Kanpur. It was a difficult time in the history of India. It was a challenging time for us too. With undaunted spirit we put our heads and hands together for the following common objectives:

  • To uphold the dignity of our service
  • To foster a spirit of cooperation and "espirit de corps" among our members
  • To promote and safeguard the common interest of our members
  • To move for the redressal of legitimate grievances of our members concerning pay, promotion, career prospects, status, service conditions, retirement benefits etc.
  • To work in coordination with similar service associations if necessary
  • To forward interest of our members without bias of caste, creed and religion

Initially this was a federative body of the associations at the State level, and was named as "All India Federation of Income Tax Gazetted Services Associations." After the promulgation of the Recognition of Service Association Rules 1993, by the Govt. of India, the name of our association was first changed to "Income Tax Gazetted Services Federation (ITGSF) and subsequently to the present name of "Income Tax Gazetted Officers Association (ITGOA)". The revised Recognition Rules necessitated change of our structure too, from a federative body to a unitary body

Presently our Association has 18 units all over India.

They are :*Andhra Pradesh *Bihar & Jharkhand *New Delhi *Gujrat *Kanpur & Uttaranchal *Karnataka & Goa *Kerala *Madhya Pradesh & Chattisgarh *Mumbai *Nagpur *North Eastern Region (Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Mizoram, Manipur, Tripura) *North Western Region (Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir) *Orissa *Pune *Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry *West Bengal *UP(East) *UP(West)

Our Association has a democratic set-up, which has already stood the test of 43 Biennial General Body Meetings in our 82 years of existence. Ours is a history of struggle for the common good. With overwhelming support of around 9500 members we can be hopeful of a better and stronger future of our beloved Association.